Helpful Tips For Summer Cleaning

Spring cleaning is something many people take seriously, especially homeowners. When the summer is due to arrive, that means that those that are still restless from sitting around during the harsh winter months usually begin their annual summer cleaning routines. Homes and businesses are prepared for the warmer weather months when everyone is more active.

Cleaning can get very overwhelming, but when you have a summer cleaning routine that you follow every year, the cleaning gets easier and the time it takes to efficiently get the job done decreases. By following a few summer cleaning tips, you will have your cleaning done in no time. Just keep up with the cleaning and you will find that it never takes quite as long to get the job done as it did the last time.

Summer Cleaning Tips to Follow

  • For the first good clean of the summer, consider renting a dumpster for waste. Clean out all broken, unused, or old furniture and items that may be causing for unnecessary clutter in the home.
  • Spray down all patio furniture and decks with a hose. Use a power washer to get the sides of the home or business.
  • Clean all windows often in order to let in as much natural light as possible, and the home will almost always appear clean.
  • Always use a dehumidifier to keep down the humidity in the home, especially in the bathroom. This will prevent the possibility of mold growing during the warmer months.
  • Go through the pantry and wipe down all shelves. Throw out any old food waste.
  • Keep the kitchen fresh and cool. When the kitchen gets hot during the summer, the garbage begins to smell and you may notice mold or mildew nearby the sink. Keep the kitchen cool and always leave a window cracked while you are at home. Even spray out the garbage can often to prevent a foul odor.
  • Put down foot mats in each doorway coming from the exterior of the home. This will prevent muddy shoes from causing damage to the floors.
  • Make sure that you dust often. At least once a week is suggested during the summer. Dust tends to really pile up during the warmer weather months and pollen is also a huge concern, especially for those with allergies. Keep all furniture in the home wiped down.
  • Purchase organizational containers to keep all of your belongings out of the way and organized. There is no such thing as too much organization.
  • Use dish soap and the hose to clean out the outdoor garbage bins on a weekly basis and prevent them from becoming odorous.
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