Green Ways to Dispose Renovation Waste

Home improvement is an exciting challenge that can leave you with a glamorous kitchen, a more spacious bathroom or a practical back deck if done right. But one of the pitfalls of home renovations is all of the waste that is left behind.

When you tear out rotting hardwood or replace outdated appliances with new ones, all that old junk must go somewhere. Many families choose to avoid home improvement projects altogether because the thought of renovation waste is too much to bear.

Thanks to a variety of new services, the process has never been easier. Many of the services that were once only reserved for professional contractors, are now available to the DIY crowd. From donation centres to bin rental options, getting rid of renovation waste has never been easier — and greener.

Disposable Bin Rentals

When it comes to heavy-duty waste, those flimsy city-issued trash bins in your garage just won’t do. No matter how small your renovation project may seem, the amount of garbage generated may astound you. Bin rental companies like Gorilla Bins take out the guesswork by offering a series of bin sizes, depending on your needs.

Here’s how it works:

  • Determine if you need a ‘mixed waste’ bin (household, construction, renovation debris) or ‘clean fill’ bin (soil, brick, asphalt, concrete)
  • Pick your bin size (measured in cubic yards)
  • Company drops off your bin at desired location
  • Fill your bin with waste
  • Gorilla Bins will haul your bin and accompany waste to sorting plant where it is trashed or recycled

The best part about bin rentals is that you won’t have to make phone calls to your municipality asking which junk they will or will not haul. There’s no need to budget extra fees for picking-up your trash — all costs are rolled into one comprehensive price instead.

Donate Materials

As the saying goes: One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. The vintage vanity set that looks outdated in your new bathroom may be the perfect piece for a young couple renovating their trendy loft. Or that old mini fridge you trashed because you wanted a stainless steel version could be a real treat for someone looking to furnish their ‘man cave.’

Whatever the item, certainly it can find a good home if shipped off to the right place. If some of your bigger pieces are still in good condition, consider donating them to a charity that specializes in home improvement services. Agencies like ‘Habitat for Humanity’ are constantly on the lookout for quality used items. An online search of drop-off centres in your area should yield some good options!

Haul It Away Yourself

One of the best ways to save some serious money is to rent a truck and remove the waste yourself. Call your municipal office and find out where the nearest landfill is located. But before driving over, be sure to ask which types of materials are allowed for dumping at the site. Make a list of various junk materials as the waste piles up in your bin. This will streamline the process when you’re actually ready for the big haul.

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