Gorilla Bins – Renting a Dumpster for Roofing Renovations

Whether you are roofing your home as DIY project or you are a company that is contracted out to renovate a roof, using Gorilla dumpsters is your best choice. Not only can you use dumpsters to dispose of excess shingle waste, but you can also use the dumpsters to dispose of excess material like felt/tar paper, flashing, gravel, tiles, trim, waterproofing material, and wood remnants.

To rent a dumpster for a roofing renovation project will depend on the size that you need. The type of shingles and square footage of the roof is the determining factor. Common asphalt shingles are sized as three tab and other shingles like the architectural styles weigh a little more because they are thicker.

To rent a dumpster for removing roof debris you need to estimate how many shingle squares you will be discarding. Then consider the number of tons you will be throwing away based on the weight and type of shingles you are using. Just as an aside, roofing repair should be left to a professional because it is a dangerous task if you are not experienced and licensed.

When you determine the size of the dumpster you need, Gorilla dumpsters are so affordable that you can order more than one at a time. Small roofing businesses will enjoy working with Gorilla because they will deliver and set your dumpsters up for you. Plus, their specialists will help you choose the right sized dumpsters for your roofing project. When your job is completed, they will haul your dumpster waste away.

Roofers use varied materials when removing old roofing tiles and installing new ones. There are old shingles, nails, plastic material, and other industry materials that need to be cast-off. Having dumpsters at the ready helps to save a lot of time. Placing a dumpster or dumpsters close to the working site, enables roofers to simply throw their discards right of the roof and into the waiting dumpsters.

A 20-yard Gorilla dumpster is generally the traditional load carrier for roofers. It holds a light ton of asphalt tiles and other waste materials. For smaller jobs, you can rent a dumpster which holds about 10-yards of roofing waste. Then for larger projects, there is a larger dumpster that can hold 40-yards of waste and is best used at major construction sites.

Canada’s Gorilla dumpsters feature amenities like the use of wooden planks to keep your pavement and driveways from being scratched by the arrival and departure of the dumpsters. Additional features that few other bin and dumpster companies provide is the structure of the dumpsters.

Gorilla dumpsters are designed with doors that open from the rear which allows you to walk-in. Gorilla Bins will also pick-up your containers whether you are home or not. The company is also eco-friendly meaning that all the trash they haul away is recycled.

Contact Gorilla Bins for all your dumpster needs. They can be reached online through their website (http://www.gorillabins.ca/contact/) Fill out the e-contact form and a service representative will quickly contact you. Gorilla can also be reached via phone (905-230-1300).

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