Garbage Bin Rental: What’s the Right Size and Type for Me?

When it comes to a garbage bin rental, you may be overwhelmed by all of the types and sizes available. By picking the best size for your project, you will avoid many hassles, such as having to pay overage charges or rent a second bin.

Renting a larger than needed bin will also take up additional space and increase your rental fees. Fortunately, a 5-minute conversation with your garbage bin rental company will help you determine the best type and size that you need. Here, we will provide you with some information to help you select the ideal bin for the task at hand.

10-yard Bin

Many companies will provide a 10-yard bin for smaller renovation or moving projects. If you are dealing with some intensive spring cleaning, then a 10-yard bin may fit the bill nicely. For example, if you have a basement or a garage that needs to be cleaned out, then a 10-yard bin may be sufficient.

If you need to resurface a modestly proportioned deck or to remodel a small bathroom, then we also recommend a 10-yard bin. This bin will be able to hold the equivalent of 3 to 4 pickup truck loads, 60 garbage bags of waste, or roughly 90 wheelbarrow loads.

12-yard Bin

12-yard bins are fairly uncommon, but there are still certain rental companies that offer them. The extra 20% storage capacity may be needed to avoid having to deal with overflow problems or overage charges.

If you need some extra space in order to finish your small moving or renovation project, then we would suggest that you play it safe and rent a 12-yard bin instead of a 10-yard bin. A 12-yard bin will hold 5 pickup truck loads, 75 full garbage bags, or about 110 wheelbarrow loads.

15-yard Bin

A 15-yard bin will take things up a notch for bigger remodelling or renovation projects. If you have a large home and intend on cleaning all of the rooms, then a 15-yard bin may help you take care of business.

If you have an ambitious remodelling project, then you may be able to complete your work using a single 15-yard bin. To put things in perspective, a 15-yard bin can hold the equivalent of 5 to 6 pickup truck loads, 90 full bags of trash, or approximately 140 wheelbarrow loads.

20-yard Bin

The 20-yard option provides twice as much room as the 10-yard option, albeit some companies will provide bins as small as 4 cubic yards. If you intend on remodelling multiple small rooms in your domicile, then a 20-yard bin should do the trick.

Or, you may be planning on remodelling a large and spacious kitchen, in which case a 20-yard bin should also suffice. If you are thinking of re-roofing your home, then a 20-yard bin should be able to accommodate all of the waste that is produced.

A home with 3 or more bathrooms that require remodelling will also benefit greatly from a 20-yard rental bin. This bin will hold the equivalent of 7 pickup truck loads, 120 complete garbage bags, or roughly 180 wheelbarrow loads.

30-yard Bin

The 30-yard bin is designed for people who are planning major projects. For instance, you may be thinking of putting up an addition, or you need to replace a siding on your home.

The majority of 30-yard bins are rented by commercial companies, but ambitious homeowners can also make use of them. A 30-yard bin will be able to accomodate 9 to 10 pickup truck loads, 180 full trash bags, or 270 wheelbarrow loads.

40-yard Bin

The 40-yard bin is a behemoth, with many demolition sites and commercial construction companies making use of several 40-yard containers. However, amateurs may also make use of them. For example, you may have an in-depth home project for a very large home that requires a 40-yard bin.

A 40-yard bin has the capacity needed to store 12 pickup truck loads, 240 large garbage bags filled to the top, or 360 wheelbarrow loads.

A Summation

If you need to clean out a single room in your home, then we would recommend either a 10 or 12 cubic yard rental bin. If you have a garage or basement that is overflowing, then we would recommend that you upgrade to a 15 cubic yard bin.

If you need to remodel a small room, then a 15 to 20-yard bin should be enough. A more involved remodelling project may need a 20 to 30-yard bin. Kitchen remodelling projects in particular tend to require large bins, especially if large appliances must be disposed of.

In some cases, you may need to replace the shingles on the roof of your home. Smaller homes may only require a 10-yard bin in order to complete a shingle replacement project. However, larger homes may require a bin as large as 30 yards. The good news is that your bin rental company can calculate the needed capacity with remarkable precision.

If you need to replace the siding on your home, then we would suggest a bin with at least 20 yards of capacity. Very large homes will usually require a 40-yard bin in order to complete a siding project.

Gorilla Bins

If you are interested in a garbage bin rental, then please visit our website. You can book a junk removal bin via our website within a minute. We offer many bin types, including clean fill and mixed waste bins.

We also offer 7 different bin sizes available for any type of project, ranging from 4 to 40 cubic yards. Gorilla Bins is an eco-friendly company that provides gorilla-sized service and value with tact, integrity, and verve.


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