Four Ways To Reduce Waste At Home

When it comes to helping the environment and reducing waste, every little bit counts. Even though it may seem overwhelming, you and everyone around you, is capable of making a difference. In this article we’ll look at some ways you can reduce waste in the place you probably spend the most time–your home.

  1. Reuse

    Plastic bags are a huge source of waste, and can mean real trouble for the environment. You can eliminate your use of plastic bags drastically, or even completely, by bringing reusable bags when shopping (the bonus is, canvas bags are usually way sturdier and can hold more than plastic). Even saving plastic bags and reusing them can make a big difference.

  2. Recycle

    Choosing to buy recyclable products is a great way to help reduce waste. Many companies now make products that are made from recycled materials, so when you’re buying groceries or other household items, be sure to check the labels. Some items may even be packaged in materials that can be reused or returned, such as glass bottles and jars.

    Make sure your home recycling program is understood by all members of the house, so even the kids learn how to recycle.

  3. Be a Conscious Shopper

    When grocery shopping, pay attention to the way things are packaged. Buying a box of individually packaged bags of nuts is far more wasteful than buying in bulk.

    Buying in bulk is a great way to reduce waste. You can also use refillable containers at home for soap and other cleaning supplies. And for those soap products, buy refills in bulk so you can reuse the containers as intended.

  4. Reduce Organic Waste

    Even though organic waste is compostable, it’s still best to minimize wastage–for your environment and your wallet. Plan meals, and make grocery lists to avoid buying too much. Be mindful of how much you buy. A bag of apples may be good for a family, but if you’re only shopping for yourself, try just picking up one or two.

Checking the expiration dates can help you organize your fridge. Put newer products towards the back, and move the things that are soon-to-expire up, so they are visible.

You can also get creative with leftovers and food scraps. Bones, or vegetable scraps can make for a delicious soup stock.

By making a few simple changes, you can create change! Reducing waste is a great way to spread health and positivity through your home, and your community.

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