Flat Rate vs. per Ton Bin Rental: Which Is Better?

If you are thinking of moving or are working on a big home renovation project, you may be interested in bin rental pricing. You may also be wondering if it is better to go with a flat rate versus a per ton bin rental rate.

The truth is that a flat rate bin is usually the better option of the two. For starters, a flat rate bin will come with transparent rental fees, so you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant surprises down the road.

Another benefit is that flat rate bins are often more affordable, as flat-rate companies tend to offer the best prices on the market. Budgeting and planning are made nice and easy when you go with a flat rate company that offers bin rental pricing.

A single flat-rate fee will cover all of the parts and labour involved, including bin drop off and pick up and waste disposal. The bin rental company will also handle all recycling for you, so all you need to do is make the call or book online.

Below, we will go over the differences between flat rate companies and per ton bin rental companies so you can make an informed decision as to which of the two to choose.

How a Flat Rate Bin Works

Begin by choosing the bin size that works for you. Most companies will offer 5 or 6 different options, so you should be able to find a bin that will meet your needs. For example, you can opt for a bin as small as 4 cubic yards for a minor home renovation project. If you are planning on moving and have a lot of stuff to get rid of, you can choose a 40 cubic yard bin instead.

Once you have chosen the bin size, then you’ll need to book your bin. To do so, you can usually submit your quote request on the company’s website. Some companies will even offer you a $10 rebate if you make your request online.

The next step involves receiving your bin. Many good companies will work after-hours to accommodate your unique work or academic schedule. On-time delivery is all but assured with the best companies.

Then comes the pickup of the bin once you are done with it. The company will arrive at your door on the day that both parties initially agreed upon, and they will remove all of your garbage. The best companies will ensure that your driveway is spotless after they are done, and they will also be insured and bonded for peace of mind.

The final step is payment. Again, you will only need to pay one single flat fee. As per the standard price list, you only have to deal with a simple flat-rate when all is said and done. There are no overage charges or other fees to worry about involving garbage disposal, type, or weight.

To illustrate, imagine that you have rented a 12-yard bin that costs $250. By doing so, you would only have to pay $250 at the time of the container’s pickup from your domicile. The flat rate company would then transport your waste to a local disposal or recycling center. The flat rate would cover, for example, the 1 week rental, the delivery of the container, the pickup of the container, the disposal of all trash, and the cleanup of your driveway.

As can be seen, a flat rate bin rental will save you time and money. No muss, no fuss, just clean and efficient service.

How Per Ton Bin Rentals Work

If you decide to go with the per ton bin rental option, then you will need to begin by selecting your bin size. First, the company will offer you several options, so you should have no issue with picking a size that works for you.

Next comes the drop-off fee, which involves having to pay several hundred dollars before the bin even arrives at your door.

Step three involves the arrival of the bin at your doorstep. In step four, the company representatives arrive at your property in order to collect the bin. The pickup date will be determined by your consultation with them prior to the delivery of the bin.

Step five involves the disposal fee. Here, you will be charged about $100 per ton when it comes time for the bin to be collected. To illustrate, if you were to work with a per ton bin rental company, then they would charge you between $150 and $200 before the bin even arrives at your door.

Then, after you are done with the bin, they will charge you $100 per ton. Imagine that you have 3 tons of waste. That would amount to $300, plus an additional $150 to $200 in the form of drop-off fees.

More often than not, it will cost roughly twice as much to work with a per ton rental company instead of a flat rate company. Even if you only have a small amount of waste to get rid of, you will usually still end up paying more overall due to the exorbitant drop-off fees that per ton rental companies charge.

The Gorilla Bins Difference

At Gorilla Bins, we go bananas over junk! To learn more about our affordable bin rental pricing, please visit our website. You can also learn more about our bin rental pricing by calling us at 905-230-1300 for a free, no-obligation quote and consultation.

We offer 7 different garbage bin sizes, ranging from 4 to 40 yards, in order to accommodate any project you may have. Our bin rentals also begin at $130, and we are an eco-friendly waste disposal company.

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