Five Things to Consider When Renting a Dumpster

When it comes to garbage bin rentals in Toronto, there are many things that people need to consider before they make the call. Garbage bins, while very useful, can also be a safety hazard. Accidents can, and will happen, if the proper precautions are not taken, and you may have to deal with unexpected costs if you are not careful.

In fact, there may also be issues involving the delivery and pickup of the garbage bin if you don’t provide or receive the pertinent information. Here, we discuss some of the things that you need to consider before you rent a garbage bin, in order to avoid any pitfalls or obstacles that may occur while you are involved in your home-based project.

Where to Place It

First and foremost, you need to think about where you want to set the dumpster. For instance, you may need to consider obstructions, such as overhanging wires and other bastions, that may may make it difficult for the rental company to either deliver or pick up their dumpster. Hence, to play it safe, we would recommend that you allow approximately 20 feet, at a minimum, of available space above the rental bin.

By doing so, you will likely not have to concern yourself about extra costs that you may incur due to a needlessly complicated delivery and pickup. You don’t want the dumpster to be an eyesore, nor do you want to make it hard, or impossible, for you to access your domicile as well as the debris that you need to get rid of; so try and find a spot where home and debris access won’t be compromised.

Finally, the driver of the rental vehicle must have sufficient space available so that they can make a safe and proper 3-point turn while they are delivering the dumpster, and the same applies for the pickup of said dumpster.

Placing the Dumpster on the Street

For those who would prefer to set the rental dumpster on the street, contacting the proper authorities beforehand is highly recommended. In some cases, you may be required to own a permit in order to erect the dumpster on your street, so contacting your local government or city before you call the rental bin company may prevent hassles and fines down the road.

In some instances, you may also have to deal with certain stipulations concerning how long you can keep your rental bin on your street, so ask the proper questions so that you are not left in the dark when the dumpster arrives at your home.

What Size to Select

Arguably, the most important thing you need to factor in before you rent a dumpster is to determine the size that you need in order to ensure that your home-based project gets completed without a hitch. For instance, you do not want to select a bin that is too small, as you may need to rent out a second bin later on; or you may need to send back the bin, causing delays in your project’s completion, as well as adding to your costs.

However, you also want to avoid over-weight issues. That is, over-weight issues may develop when the rental company picks up the dumpster and proceeds to dump the debris. A good rule to follow is to rent out a bin that is at least 1 size up from the minimum that you feel you will require.

Furthemore, the type of debris that you will be dumping will also determine the size that you will need. For instance, certain materials, such as rock sediments, cement, dirt, bricks, and concrete, will rapidly increase the weight of the bin. Other materials, such as drywall, scrap wood, and even carpeting, will rapidly fill up most bins. In order to help make your decision easier, tell the rental company about the type of debris you will be throwing out so that they can help you select the best dumpster for the task at hand.

What to Consider When Obtaining the Estimate

Before you rent a dumpster from a rental company, you should call and ask them to provide you an estimate that is both fair and accurate. You should also ask them how much weight will be included with the price, what size they think will be best for the type of debris that you will be throwing out, as well as what materials are prohibited from being thrown into the rental bin.

Moreover, do not hesitate to discuss the amount of time that you think you will need to use the dumpster to finalize your project, as the time needed will also impact the final estimate that they provide.

How efficient is the provider?

The provider that you end up selecting should be able to pick up the dumpster as fast as possible. The last thing you want to worry about is a monolithic dumpster being placed near your home for a long period of time, attracting rodents and other vermin. In some cases, you may also have to deal with time-sensitive municipal ordinances that you need to abide by in order to avoid hefty fines, so the rental bin provider must be able to pick up the dumpster quickly.

Gorilla Bins

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