Damage Caused By Improper Waste Disposal

Trashing your trash the wrong way will have more of a negative environmental impact than you probably realize. In fact, if we all haphazardly threw away garbage without a thought, it would be an environmental disaster!

What would happen?

So many areas of the ecosystem would simply die eventually and so would life as we know it.

Melancholy water

Any rubbish that ends up in bodies of water will actually change the water’s chemical composition. Pollution affects every living organism in our water systems – lakes, oceans, seas and rivers, not to mention what drinking that water does to animals.


Improper waste disposal causes pollution of the land and air. Eventually, pollution wreaks havoc on people’s respiratory systems as well as other parts of our bodies. Harmful contaminants have adverse effects on everything. Methane gases are eventually released by garbage that hasn’t been disposed of properly.


The liquid that comes from water flowing through contaminated places is called leachate – a noxious mix of chemicals that eventually enters the soil, groundwater and surface water.

Economic impact

Getting rid of garbage the wrong way also impacts our communities and their economies. Would you want to live in a city with poor sanitation and risk you and your family getting sick? Smelly places don’t attract residents, tourists or investors.

Cities not investing in recycling programs are missing out on revenue and the positive effects on the community from an increase in job opportunities.

We’re not the only life to be affected

Animals also bear the brunt of our inconsiderate garbage-tossing. They have to drink the untreated water in which all the rubbish has been floating. Pollution suffocates very delicate ecosystems. It kills coral and reduces fish populations. That nasty garbage may, in turn, end up on our tables and in our bodies from the fish and shellfish that eat it. The oceans are polluted with plastic, Styrofoam, cigarette butts, old fishing lures and lines – all this rubbish leads to the death of millions of marine animals every year.

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