Bathroom Remodeling: What To Do With Your Old Accessories

Remodeling the bathroom isn’t exactly simple. It takes a little knowledge, persistence, and money to conduct the job. You will need to consider all of the items that are usually found in a bathroom and decide what you can fit in there without making the bathroom remodel one that creates a smaller bathroom. You will need to select a tub or shower stall, a faucet, cabinetry, sink, toilet, and other bathroom items. Of course, you may even be able to reuse some of the old accessories or fixtures.

Remodeling on a Budget

A lot of people interested in remodeling will usually set a budget for themselves first. At least this is the smart way of doing a remodel. Otherwise you may be dumping more into the project than you can afford to. Be mindful of everything you decide to purchase and always consider the possibility of reusing certain things to help cut the cost of the remodel.

There are certain big ticket items that usually get replaced during a remodel. These items include the sink, counter tops, bathtub, and toilet. Some of these items could be salvaged if you prefer. For example, if the counter top isn’t absolutely dreadful or against the decor choices of the new items going into the bathroom, consider keeping it. Try to salvage certain pieces and only spend the money on the things that really need to be replaced.

You may also want to think about the accessories in your bathroom. Do you think you should keep the tiles or the mirrors around? How do you like the existing fixtures? If these items can be reused after the remodel, don’t get rid of them. Use them again to go with the new bathroom decor. You can even think of other projects to use these pieces for. By breaking the mirror or tiles into pieces, you can create a mosaic piece for the bathroom. You can even use the pieces to retile the bathroom completely, creating a fun and more interesting wall or art piece.

Save Money and Try to Reuse Old Accessories and Items

Reusing the old fixtures can save you quite a bit of money. Sink and tub faucets can get quite expensive, as can shower heads. Think wisely before making any possible unnecessary purchases. Try to reuse anything you can without jeopardizing the point of the remodel. It is important to keep all receipts and track all of the money spent. You may find yourself coming up with DIY projects using old items and that will also help you to save.

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