A Guide To Proper Concrete And Soil Disposal

The proper disposal of soil and concrete products can help protect the local environment and ensure toxic elements don’t end up in waste water, but many local area homeowners still don’t know the rules and regulations regarding the proper disposal of these products after they’ve been used around the home.

Although there are recycling options, many people want to simply dispose of their concrete without the hassle. With this article, we’ll present a comprehensive guide to the safe and effective disposal of concrete and soil materials.

Consider Your Optimal Soil Disposal Options

Across Toronto, there are numerous drop-off facilities in which you can leave your soil waste.

The amount paid as a deposit to drop off your waste will be determined by the weight of the waste products, and the City of Toronto charges a flat drop off fee of $10 for each drop off, which is included within the deposit fee.

However, you may experience some difficulty in leaving soil in a local drop off site due to the product’s weight. This is especially true for those who are undergoing a comprehensive garden upgrade.

If you’re in this type of situation, you might consider renting a disposal bin. It’s important that the company you choose disposes of your waste in an environmentally way, so before you select a disposal specialist, speak with the company about the methods they use and their business practices. At Gorilla Bins, we’re fully trained in proper concrete disposal procedures!

Concrete Disposal Requires Professional Assistance

For those with significant amounts of concrete to remove from their property, it’s important you select a qualified specialist for assistance with the project. Concrete can have a damaging impact on the natural environment if not disposed of correctly, so homeowners must consider their options carefully when selecting a qualified concrete disposal professional.

The company should have a special program for ensuring the concrete is re-used once it has been hauled away from your home.

Ask the Right Questions to Select a Quality Waste Removal Firm

As with ensuring any process is completed professionally, it’s important to speak with the firm completing the work and to ask them about their practices. The following questions should help you select the right firm for your soil and waste removal needs:

  • What percentage of the items you receive do you recycle?
  • How quickly can you provide a bin to my home?
  • Do you offer numerous bin sizes and tiered pricing?

By carefully selecting your method of disposal, you can ensure your concrete and soil is recycled effectively as part of an environmentally-friendly process.

To learn more on your range of disposal options, contact our trusted team directly today!

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