7 Creative Ways To Hide Your Recycling And Garbage Containers

Garbage and recycling receptacles are necessities, but that doesn’t mean they have to be eyesores. There are a number of ways to camouflage these containers, helping them to blend in with the rest of your space. Below are some innovative ways to hide these often unsightly containers.

  1. The Inexpensive and Easy Way

    Making a small divider between your bins and the rest of your garden is the easiest way to hide garbage containers and recycling containers. Get some pieces of wood – the same you would use to make a trellis – and create a small “wall” of wood behind which your bins can sit. You can stain the divider or paint it a vibrant, happy colour.

  2. Brick Does the Trick

    If you have a little more time and want to dabble in some simple bricklaying, get some cement blocks or bricks to make a little side wall for the containers to hide behind. This type of divider will have more permanency than one made of wood.

  3. Screening

    If you have two or more garbage or recycling containers, erecting a screen for them may be the best idea. Install some posts and cross braces and affix bamboo screens to them. Just make sure this “wall” is not in a windy area or your screen could end up in the neighbour’s yard. Bamboo is a good choice because it weathers well.

  4. Lattice Is Lovely

    Posts and braces could also be perfect for holding up decorative lattice that garbage containers and recycling containers could hide behind. If you add a door and a roof, this could turn into an enclosure for the bins, which would also protect them from the elements.

  5. Box Them In

    If you’re really handy with tools, you can actually build a whole box out of wood or some other material to hold the containers. You can fashion it to actually add to your outdoor décor—rustic, modern, Asian-inspired or whatever it may be.

  6. Revamp an Old Dresser

    Many old dressers are more than tall enough to hold a garbage or recycling bin. All you need to do is remove the drawers. If you can, leave the top drawer in, so you can use it to house some garden implements like small shovels, gardening gloves, etc. This would be the perfect upcycling project.

  7. A Wicker Solution

    Recycling containers would also do well inside wicker laundry baskets. Wicker is pretty resilient and works well both indoors and out. It looks nice and can easily be spruced up with a little bit of ribbon, some paint, or any other decorative idea that strikes you.

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