6 Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Winter

We love the warmer months, but with the colder months comes a great opportunity. Use the time before the ice sets in to prepare your yard for the extreme cold. This way, you get the legwork done well before winter and in pleasant weather – which always makes everything easier.

Remember, you have a limited window to get your yard prepped up between fall and winter. Here are our top 6 tips for yard cleaning success.

1. Mow the lawn

Let’s start with the basics. You’ll need to keep your grass trimmed until the ground freezes over. Look up your grass varietal to learn how high to cut it. Doing this reduces the risk of fungus and other problems when the grass thaws in the spring. Leave a little bit of grass uncovered come the winter, so it has enough soil to stay alive through the harsher times.

And if you have lots of trees, flowers and hedges, you’ll need to do more than just some light mowing. Start trimming your hedges and pruning your plants in the fall to get into the habit of maintaining your yard. This will prepare the plants to grow back actively and evenly after the winter. When it comes to weeds, you’ll need to do some heavy-weight cleaning. If pruning or mowing the weeds away isn’t keeping them at bay, consider weed control compounds to ensure they don’t grow back quite as quickly.

2. Remove debris

In addition to landscape elements, you likely have lots of debris filling up your yard. The fall can bring lots of leaf litter with it, as well as clumps of soil, tiny rocks and other debris. Leaves especially can be an ever-growing problem, so keep those leaves under control to get a headstart for winter.

Mulch and grind your leaves, so they don’t take up space. If you’re looking for a low-effort option in Toronto, bin rentals will help you gather up and dispose of the leaves with ease. You can also throw away other debris, such as construction waste, that you may have lying around your yard.

3. Aerate your lawn

All living things need to be adequately aired to prepare for winter. This is particularly true for compacted spots in your yard, where people walk. Clumped-up soil absorbs fewer nutrients, so be sure to loosen up the earth a bit to let nutrients and moisture steep through. This way, your plants and soil have room to grow and prepare for the extreme cold. They’ll be able to absorb the sun’s rays as well as other nutrients that are scarce in wintertime.

4. Remove dead wood

If you have a lot of trees in your yard, ensure you’re clearing the dead wood. This will leave your plants and trees healthier for the spring. Be sure to examine all the trees as well. You may be wondering how to identify dead wood. Look for branches that look like they might fall off – if they can’t support the tree and help it grow, be sure to cut them off.

Start from the lower level branches and work your way up. Winter storms can dismantle loose higher-up branches, causing them to fall and potentially even cause property damage. If you’re unsure how to dispose of all the dead wood, be sure to check out bin rentals to dispose of the wood safely and responsibly. Gorilla Bins in Toronto ensures that clean timber is recycled and used for generating biomass so that you’re contributing sustainably with your disposal.

5. Look for a good winterizer

A winterizer is a fertilizer that helps your yard survive the cold weather. It gives the plants and grass food reserves to help last through the winter. Look for winterizers with ingredients that will strengthen and enrich the plants without causing them to grow excessively. The best time to apply winterizer is between November and December, so be sure to do your research well before then.

6. Water and furniture

You likely have taps and hoses ready for use in your yard. However, remember to turn off the water supply for the year when it gets to freezing weather. The water can freeze in the pipes and form ice which, when expanded, can negatively impact your plumbing and pipe system. In addition, prep your furniture for the winter too. Cover outdoor tables and chairs with waterproof covers to prevent damage from the snow or place them in your garage to prevent weather damage. Be sure to remove any cushions too!

Come fall, we can feel the winter creeping into the air. Perhaps you’ve started putting away those summer clothes and bringing out your warm clothes in preparation for the cold winter. But don’t put away those rakes just yet. Fall is the perfect time to ensure your yard is set up for winter and ready for the snow.

Bin rentals are one of the most effective ways to deal with winter prep in Toronto. Hire professional junk disposal rentals to get rid of all the junk and debris with ease. Gorilla Bins offers various sizes so you can tidy up your yard and quickly dispose of all the unwanted stuff with our efficient drop and pick system. Simply schedule a bin rental, and we’ll drop it off at your doorstep. Fill it up, and we’ll haul it away. Perfect for every homeowner wanting to get a headstart on yard cleaning!

To learn more about hiring a dumpster rental in Toronto, call Gorilla Bins today at 905-230-1300 or contact us here.

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