6 Recycling Bin Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Living in a tiny home or apartment can make recycling a challenge. But there are ways you can be environmentally friendly even if space is at a premium. These recycling bin storage ideas prove that everyone can play a part in cutting down on waste when they have the right recycling containers.

  1. Pull It out, throw It in

    You can easily trip over things when space is cramped, so making use of space you wouldn’t normally use, like that under the sink, is a perfect solution for storing recycling containers. There are pull-out recycling bins available for exactly this situation.

  2. Folding Bags

    As the name implies, these bags fold up and can be put away when not in use. If you don’t like bulky bins, try these instead. Bags made to hold recyclables are not only lightweight but strong and durable. They usually have velcro tabs to keep them linked: one for plastics, one for paper and one for glass.

  3. All in One

    Wave goodbye to your bulky recycling containers and welcome an all-in-one, step-on, recycling canister. It can usually be purchased in 60, 45 or 30-litre capacities. Pedals and lids make it both easy to use and a cinch to keep clean.

  4. Repurpose

    You know those cool looking mesh laundry sorters on the market? They can also be used to hold recycling! If your interior is more modern, this is a good choice to complement your decor. Plastic containers usually used to hold craft items can also work well as recycling containers. Use your imagination. Any attractive container could double as a recycling bin in your house or apartment.

  5. Hang ‘em High

    Recycling bags can also hang on hooks on a wall or the back of a door (a good use for the inside of a closet door). You can also use wall space and keep small recycling containers on shelves off the floor. This idea would save precious square footage. Containers can be as attractive as you’d like them to be, wicker and sea grass are especially chic, and fit well with any accessories.

  6. Don’t Put a Damper on a Hamper

    A laundry hamper with three dividers could easily double as a recycling bin. Each section could be lined with a clear recycling bag and voila—an instant and attractive place to keep recyclables out of sight in a small space. Be inventive and think outside the recycling box!

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