6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Throwing Something Away

You’ve decided to do some heavy duty cleaning and decluttering, but you may find yourself held up by whether or not to throw certain items away. You’ve either got it in your hand or you’re looking at it and your indecision is palpable. Should I or should I not? Here are six questions to ask yourself when caught in the throes of uncertainty.

  1. Do I Use This Regularly?

    This is a great question to start with. Many tools, toys, and gadgets are just lying around or sitting in drawers where they are never touched. A good way to look at it is, if you haven’t used it in at least six months, it’s a good candidate for the “get rid of” pile. If you find many of these things, a call to a waste disposal company may be in order to ask about disposal bins.

  2. Is It Something I Love?

    If you don’t use something regularly, but you still really love it, then keep it. But if you can, try to use it every once in awhile. Even if it’s the Easy Bake Oven you got from your grandma when you were a kid, take it out and use it. You will relive many fond memories.

  3. Am I Keeping It out of Obligation?

    There may be a few things in your home you’re keeping because someone gave it to you and you feel obliged to have it around. But remember that this is your home, and if it’s negatively affecting your life, the person will understand if you re-gift or donate it.

  4. The “Just in Case” Rationale

    You may be telling yourself to keep some things just in case you need them one day. But the prospect of living in a clutter-free house will usually outweigh this excuse. And if you haven’t used the item in a long time, chances are, you won’t.

  5. Do I Have More Than One of the Same Thing?

    Do you really need five slotted serving spoons? Ask yourself if you need more than one or two of something, and if you don’t, dispose of the rest. There is a big difference between prepared and just having clutter. A waste disposal company will have plenty of bins on hand should you need one or two.

  6. Is It Broken?

    If it has been broken for many years and you haven’t fixed it yet, get rid of it.

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