5 Things You Can Do With That Cluttered Storage Room

When you don’t have a designated place to keep your items, and just keep adding to the mess, you soon create a cluttered storage room. Just as it took you a long time to gather the different stuff filling up the space, you should also expect to put in a good amount of time to declutter the room. The many sources of clutter include seasonal shoes and clothes, hobby materials, books and magazines, toys and games, bills and receipts, laundry, cleaning supplies, and tools & hardware, among others. So, how can you make use of a cluttered room?

  1. Add an Adjustable Bookcase
    From bills and receipts to magazines and catalogues, your storage room is probably filled with all kinds of paper. Since the paperless society is still far from becoming a reality, you should consider adding a bookcase to your storage room to keep the papers you need. Sort through the papers, arrange the useful ones neatly on the shelves, and discard those you don’t need as soon as they arrive.
  2. Use a Room Divider
    If you want to use your cramped room for more than just storage, consider moving the items to one side of the room so you have some space for yourself. Add a lightweight half-room divider to give the appearance of separation, and conceal the messy half of the space.
  3. Improvise
    If there’s any furniture in your storage room, there is a range of unconventional uses you can use it for. You can transform a couch into a desk or table, depending on how you want to use the space. Take advantage of any unused spaces to merge the clutter and create more free space.
  4. Use Storage Bins
    If you don’t have a spare closet, your clothes and seasonal gear might end up all over the floor. Consider introducing shelves or bins to sort and store the different items.
  5. Capitalize on Vertical Spaces
    Making use of wall space is one of the best ways to maximize on your space. Bookcases and shelves are great examples of using vertical space. You can also introduce a multi-doored storage unit with drawers that stack up to the ceiling, with the lower drawers acting as stairs for you to reach the top ones.

Final note: Take Charge and Reduce Clutter
Put together a personal clutter emergency kit comprised of large garbage bags, a vacuum cleaner, storage boxes, a broom and dust pan, markers and labels, and cleaning products. After clearing the clutter, it’s important to clean the newly exposed surfaces. If you have a lot of junk, contact a waste disposal company to assist you with getting rid of the trash.

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