5 Reasons to Go for a Dumpster Rental Alternative

A major overhaul requires major equipment. Whether you’re starting a brand-new project on your home that will create a lot of debris or are clearing out a large amount of junk, there are times when your standard residential garbage bin just won’t do. There’s too much stuff, and you can bet your local garbage service won’t appreciate having to pick up your entire pile of refuse. This is when you need to look into heavy-duty garbage disposal options.

A traditional dumpster like you might see on a building construction site can certainly hold a lot of junk. They are also massive, unsightly, expensive to rent, and are prone to damaging the area around them. You probably don’t want to muck up your garden while building your deck. Normal dumpsters are the cookie cutter option that people have relied on until recently. Now, with dumpster alternative rental services, you have a more economical and customer-friendly option.

If you are planning a new project or are facing a whole lot of junk that needs removing, you’ll be interested in the benefits of a dumpster alternative rental. It could make more sense for your circumstances, while also saving you money that can be reinvested in your project.

  1. Choice in Sizing

Not every project is the same, and every project certainly doesn’t produce the same amount of waste. Whereas dumpsters tend to come in varying sizes of “enormous,” a dumpster alternative bin can be as small or large as you actually need. Our rental bins start at 4 cubic yards and go as large as 40 cubic yards. Why rent larger than you need? A smaller bin is easier to find room for and isn’t as large a spectacle if it happens to be visible to your neighbours.

  1. Customer Care

A rental alternative company is essentially a customer service business. We bring you your container, lay down wooden slats to protect the ground it’s placed on, install your bin, and show you the ins and outs of usage. You’re free to focus on your project, not on hauling a dumpster around.

When your project is finished, we come and take away your container, leaving the site better than new. Our customer service representatives can also help pair you with the right size and type of bin according to your project needs. Everything goes smoothly with a little bit of help from the experts.

  1. Cost Savings

We offer rentals over a five-day period at varying costs depending on the size of your bin and the types of materials that need removing. Compared to the cost of renting a dumpster, this may make more sense for your project and budget.

Since we offer short-term rentals, you’re only paying for the time that you need the disposal container. All associated costs are included, such as staff to bring you the container and take it away. You can choose exactly the option you need and have a thorough breakdown of the price up front, allowing you to more accurately predict the total cost of your project.

  1. It’s Great for The Environment

This is one of the biggest reasons to rent from a dumpster alternative provider: all of your waste materials will be recycled. Rather than contributing to the ongoing landfill problem, you will be getting rid of your junk in a totally green way.

Being a 100% Canadian owned and operated company, we care about the land we’re on. We sort through all the waste we collect from each project and send it off to local recycling centres.

  • Construction and demolition waste is sorted manually as well as by machine
  • Cardboard and paper goes to pulp mills
  • Plastic gets recycled
  • Clean wood is ground into chips and used for biomass energy
  • Concrete is used for clean fill
  • Scrap metal is sent to various local scrap dealers to be recycled

This is way better for the environment than dumping project waste into a landfill indiscriminately. You’ll also be supporting a green company that includes a responsible environmental policy in its core principles.

  1. Your Neighbours Won’t Complain

Dumpsters are not the most attractive lawn decorations. They’re often dingy, rusted, and make people feel like they have tetanus just by looking at them. They also ruin the aesthetic of the street-facing side of your house. Dumpsters can look a bit obnoxious, and though your neighbours might not tell you, they mind.

A dumpster rental alternative is no average dumpster. It’s painted and clean, a modern waste receptacle rather than a gross garbage bin. The smaller sizes of bins are more discreet than dumpsters and can be tucked away from the general view of the neighbourhood. No tongue wagging going on over your lawn.

Your next project deserves a dumpster alternative rental. You’ll be able to focus on the task at hand rather than having to deal with a dumpster, and your neighbours will be able to focus on your awesome hedges rather than the rusted beast on your driveway. You can even save money by going for the discrete, customer friendly, and green option. For many residential projects, where a regular dumpster is just too much, a dumpster alternative rental service is the perfect solution.

Gorilla Bins is 100% Canadian owned and operated. To inquire about renting one of our containers, please call 877-700-2467 or contact us here. One of our customer service specialists will be in touch with you to provide all the help you need in getting your next project started.

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