3 Ways to Save on Home Renovations

When it comes to renovations, one of the biggest fears many homeowners have is whether they can fulfill their dreams — without breaking the bank.

Bathroom and kitchen renos are some of the priciest, and once you see all the options available to you, it’s hard to resist the granite countertops, the marble floors and luxury faucets. So how can you go about a home renovation the smarter way? Are there finishes out there that are reasonably priced and yet of good quality? The answer to these questions is yes, but only if you’re willing to spend some time doing the research, and being realistic as to whether the things you want are necessarily the things you need.

Opt For Efficiency, Not Space

One of the biggest expenses is tearing down walls and reconfiguring rooms to create more square footage. Unless you have the budget to do this, choosing efficiency over space is the way to go.

One of the best ways to avoid this amateur move is to consider a reorganization of items in the existing space to maximize utility. For example, if you’re looking for a roomier kitchen, get pricing estimates on how much it would cost to invest in a more efficient cabinetry configuration. Many older designs feature vertical cabinets that many are now finding to be a waste of space. Opt for horizontal storage options and wider drawers that can hold more item such as cutlery, baking utensils and small appliances.

Features like containing racks and pull-out pot trays are just some of the features found in modern cabinetry systems. Investing in these little goodies are much more practical than shelling out thousands of dollars to tear down walls and disrupt adjacent rooms.

Rent A Disposal Bin

Hauling away that outdated fridge or old carpet can be a nightmare — not to mention all the other endless debris that reno projects generate. Not only is renovation waste a nightmare, getting rid of it can also get expensive if you don’t do your research.

Before hiring a professional contractor to manage it, consider renting a disposal bin! This option is perfect because it means junk removers do much of the heavy-lifting for you, but the costs remain affordable because you’re in charge of filling that bin with waste. The process is as simple of choosing your bin, having it delivered to your home, filling the bin with waste, and then having the bin rental company haul it away for you.

Ask Your Contractor About Materials From Old Job Sites

When it comes to things like hardwood flooring, kitchen backsplash or even doors, old job sites can unearth a treasure trove of materials. Ask your contractor if he/she has odds-and-ends from previous projects. Leftover stock can result in thousands of dollars in savings, and would have otherwise ended up in the trash anyways. Hardwood, tiles and wooden doors can always be re-cut and sanded to suit your project’s needs.

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