20 Tips For Recycling And Reducing Energy For Your Business

Today’s customers demand sustainability, and the employees find it desirable to work with a green company. It is an integral component of the modern business model, for both large and small businesses, and can help reduce your impact on the environment and cut costs.

You know that you need to eliminate and recycle waste, reduce energy use, lower fuel costs, and streamline business operations. But where do you start formulating a plan? Here are 20 recycling tips to help you get started:

  1. Conduct an annual waste audit to provide benchmarks for measuring, to inform you about the recyclables being discarded, and much more.
  2. Implement a recycling program by introducing garbage disposal bins to collect and separate waste for recycling.
  3. Reduce paper wastage by printing only when necessary. This will save on paper, ink, and energy.
  4. Replace any bulbs with LED lights because they consume less power, emit less heat, and last much longer.
  5. Use the hibernation feature of laptops and computers. This will reduce the energy required to restart your PC and any running programs.
  6. Switch off any other equipment that is not in use. This includes lights, printers, air conditioners, scanners, coffee vending machines, microwave, etc. especially after working hours and during weekends.
  7. Upgrade outdated electronics to energy efficient equipment and appliances and dispose the e-waste properly.
  8. Service, repair, and maintain high quality items, including electronics and furniture
  9. Purchase used or refurbished items instead of new whenever possible.
  10. Use a programmable thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature of your office, so it’s off when everyone has left.
  11. Maximise on natural light, like through large windows and skylights, to reduce the need for artificial lighting.
  12. Take advantage of new technologies like Skype and Webex to hold virtual meetings, collaborate online, or give presentations without meeting physically.
  13. Allow your employees to work from home periodically to save on office resources
  14. Start using clean, free, and renewable solar energy. The initial cost of solar panel installation is high, but it will pay for itself with time.
  15. Plant shade trees outside your office to protect you from the intense sun during the hot months and to shield you from chilly winds during the cold months.
  16. Encourage your employees to drink water from reusable bottles instead of bottled water.
  17. Buy reusable dishes, utensils, napkins, and cloth towels rather than single-use products
  18. Unsubscribe from anything you consider junk-mail.
  19. Use a green cleaning and maintenance company that only uses eco-friendly products and supplies.
  20. Make sure your composting, recycling, and trash bins are strategically placed in high-traffic, relevant and convenient areas.

Recycle To Save Energy

Using recycled materials eliminates the need to process raw materials from scratch to create products. This saves on the energy and labour required to extract, haul, and process natural resources, helps to conserve natural resources, and reduces the waste sent to landfills. With these recycling tips, you and your business can contribute to creating a greener planet.

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