12 Ways To Organize Your Kid’s Closet

Kid’s closets have a way of accumulating a lot of clutter in a quick amount of time. Keep your mornings stress-free with these easy tips on how to organize your kid’s closet!

  1. Use Clothing Tags to Designated Days to Wear Clothes. Choosing outfits on the Sunday before school begins and then adding a clothing tag with the day of the week on it will make mornings fuss-free.

  2. Use a Variety of Colour-Coordinated Storage Bins and Label Them. Adding different sized bins and baskets to your kid’s closet will ensure that clutter doesn’t pile up. Use these for everything, including sporting gear, toys and bedding.

    Labelling each bin will ensure that items will be placed in their correct spot. Consider storing toys in one colour of bin and books in another. Keeping one bin for items that are “too small” or “too big” will keep these items from creating clutter as well, helping you and your child to stay organized.

  3. Utilize the Closet Door. This is an often overlooked area of the closet, but is a great place to hang an organizer as it makes everything accessible. Consider filling it with items that you would want easy access to.

    However, shoes, hair accessories or even toys can also be stored here as well as items that don’t need to be hung, like undergarments or pajamas.

  4. Organize Loose Items. Items like toys or balls should be organized into one section of the closet. Consider holding these items in place with colourful bungee cords, which will reduce the risk of them falling and potentially causing harm.

  5. Use Double Hangers. These will double your closet space while also allowing your children to reach and hang up their own clothes.

  6. Colour-Coordinate Clothes and Hang by Category. A colour-coordinating system will allow children to easily choose and put away their clothes. Hanging clothes by category (i.e. tops, jeans, etc.) will also allow you and your child to easily navigate your closet while keeping a sense of order.

    Alternatively, consider having a small number of options for your child to choose their own outfits (keep this number small to minimize decision-making time).

  7. Use Drawer Inserts and Shelf Dividers. This will keep socks and undergarments organized and easily accessible as well as whatever contents you choose you put on shelves.

  8. Use Adjustable or Pull-Out, Open Shelving for Shoes. To avoid a pile of shoes on the floor, designate open shelving for shoes. A benefit of this is you will be able to see what shoes you have available. However, you should consider putting them in clear storage bins for a more organized look. Ensuring that all shelves are adjustable or can pull-out ensures that everything is easily accessible for your child.

  9. Add a Hamper. Every child’s room should have a hamper to ensure that clothes aren’t simply thrown on the floor.

  10. Divide the Closet if More than One Child Shares the Space. To avoid any sibling rivalry, designate one side of the closet for each child.

  11. Invest in a Closet Organizer. Customize your closet based on your budget.

  12. Decorate! Making your child’s closet a fun and inviting space (for example, by painting the walls their favourite colour or swapping the knobs with fun ones) can go a long way in your child wanting to keep the space organized.

Dedicating some time to organizing your child’s space is paramount to creating easy, breezy mornings.

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