11 Tips To Reduce Household Waste

A 2009 study showed Canadians produced 777 kilograms of garbage per citizen. Of 17 countries studied, the average was 578 kg. Canadians generate more refuse per capita than any other country!

So, it’s extremely important that Canadian households start to manage their waste in a much better fashion.

  1. Opt for reusable bags when shopping. More and more shops are charging for bags these days. Do yourself and the environment a favour and use a reusable cloth or plastic bag on shopping day.
  2. An egg-cellent idea! Cardboard egg cartons can be used to start fires and to plant seeds for your future garden! Don’t buy eggs in styrofoam cartons. The best ones come in cardboard anyhow.
  3. Forget the dryer sheets! These things are laden with chemicals anyway. Get some wool dryer balls instead.
  4. Look for reusable packaging. Can the package the product is in be used for anything else? For instance, you might want to use a plastic container for storage after you’ve used up the product.
  5. Buy in bulk when you can. Purchasing items in larger containers rather than many smaller ones makes good environmental and economic sense. Also, if there is less product and more package, then purchase another brand.
  6. Cloth, not paper. Use cloth napkins and handkerchiefs instead of paper products. This includes cloth diapers for the baby as well.
  7. Start a rag bag. It’s much better to use old rags to clean rather than paper towels or other paper products.
  8. Purchase just what you need. If you’re not going to use something often, try borrowing or renting instead of buying. Why have something hanging around when you’re only going to need it once or twice?
  9. Put food scraps into a compost bin. If you plant a garden, compost is a wonderful thing and environmentally friendly.
  10. Make your own cleaning products. There are a number of recipes online to make your own cleaning products and laundry detergent. They can be stored in jars that have been recycled from other products.
  11. Become a whiz in the kitchen. Cook your meals from scratch. You won’t have to contend with all those disposable containers and it’s cost-friendly and healthy!

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