11 Tips To Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

Clutter can build-up quickly, especially during the week when we don’t have a lot of extra time to spend tidying. However, implementing these easy tips into your daily routine will keep your home clutter-free, allowing your space to rejuvenate you instead of drain you:

  1. Put Everything Back at the End of the Night. Spending five minutes putting everything back in its place before you end your night will eliminate clutter from building up. Over time, this small step will become a habit and something you won’t even think twice about doing.

  2. Ensure Everything Has its Place. Utilize shelves, baskets and bins to ensure that everything has its place.

  3. Place a ‘Donate Box’ at the Front Door. This is an easy reminder to continually get rid of unwanted items. Simply remove it once the box is full.

  4. Take Care of the Mail Immediately. Mail can be a source of unnecessary clutter. As soon as you bring it into your home, file what needs to be filed and recycle the rest.

  5. Invest in a Scanner and Paper-Shredder. Simply scan receipts, warranties, etc. and add them to a portable hard drive. This will significantly cut down on all of the paper products that add unnecessary clutter to your home. Use a paper-shredder for any other paper clutter, including school papers. Ensure that you place the scanner and shredder in a convenient and easily accessible location.

  6. Don’t Buy Magazines or Newspapers. Instead, subscribe to magazines and newspapers online.

  7. Organize the Pantry and the Fridge on Shopping Day. Both of these can become cluttered quickly. Consider designating grocery shopping day to organizing and cleaning your pantry and fridge in order to curb these two areas from overflowing.

  8. Follow the 1-In, 1-Out Rule. If you bring one item into your home, you must also get rid of one item.

  9. Monthly Purges. Every month, scan your house for any unnecessary items that are taking up space and remove them. Consider selling these items online or donating them. For bulk purges, call a junk bin company like Gorilla Bins to remove everything at once.

  10. Conscious Buying. The source of clutter is simply too much stuff in one space. Before buying anything that is a non-consumable, truly appraise the item first. Ask yourself ‘do I really need this?’ Even better, give yourself a week or two to really think about it. If you’ve forgotten all about it, you likely didn’t need the item in the first place.

  11. Keep a Junk Drawer. While everything should have a place, a junk drawer is ideal for tiny items such as pens, batteries or elastics. Be sure to go through this monthly as junk drawers can also become cluttered.

Keeping your home clutter-free is easy with these simple tips! For more information, contact the Gorilla Bins team directly.

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