10 Ways To Upcycle Your Old Wooden Fences

Upcycling and reusing items has become a fairly popular thing among the creative types. It isn’t just a great way to save money, but it protects the environment and even allows for us to get creative in ways we may not have otherwise fathomed. Upcycling can be done with nearly any object or thing. People are often frequenting garage sales, junkyards, and rummage sales for anything that has the potential to be refurbished or upcycled into something even greater.

Every year, people decide to take down their old fencing in order to put up newer fencing. Whatever the reason for doing so, the old wood fencing causes for a lot of waste. However, by thinking outside of the box, you can use the old wood to create some really neat things such as art or furniture.

Count the Ways to Reuse Old Fencing

  1. Create a headboard or piece for above the bed.
  2. Create wall art.
  3. Start cutting and screwing the fencing together to create a hutch for the dining room.
  4. Make a tool bench or table for crafting and DIY projects.
  5. Use individual boards to make signs. Paint the wood and stencil on quotes or words of special meaning. Use wire to secure to the back of the sign for hanging purposes.
  6. Create a gate or door with the old fencing.
  7. Make picture frames by cutting the wood to size and fastening the corners with small nails.
  8. Make a bookshelf for books and other decorative knickknacks.
  9. Put together a wooden frame for plants or garden purposes. You can even use the wood to frame some of the trees in your yard.
  10. Make benches or chairs for extra seating.

By thinking outside of the box or taking to the Internet for ideas, you can come up with fun and innovative ways to salvage your old wood fencing. Paint the wood, stain it, or even leave it as it is, but consider all of the possibilities before you just toss the wood away. You never know what you might be capable of creating until you try. With the right tools such as nails, screws, a drill and a hammer, you can make nearly anything you set your mind to.

Many people use old wood to create new pieces for their homes. These types of pieces end up being conversation pieces that you can be proud to show off to your guests. Making something out of old materials and being able to create a new, special piece will only be beneficial.

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