10 Reasons to Rent a Dumpster Bin When Renovating

Are you planning a major home renovation project and thinking of renting a dumpster bin? Since home renovation projects are very messy, you should have a plan to outline project targets with a deadline, so you can have a good idea of how much you’re going to spend in your budget.

Prior to hiring a dumpster bin rental, be sure to prepare your property to ensure a smooth waste removal process because once you hire a contractor, your property will transform into a work zone with several people moving about. So, it’s important that everyone works in a safe environment. To start you off on your preparation, here are 10 reasons to rent a dumpster bin when renovating:

1. You Put Yourself on a Schedule

For any home renovation project, you want to get things done based on your plan. When you rent a dumpster bin, it keeps you on schedule because you lease the bin for a specific time period.

2. Enjoy Your Home Renovation Project

When you hire a dumpster bin rental company to assist you, you don’t have to worry about sorting out materials for recycling. You also don’t have to get tasked with dumping hazardous waste and materials in landfills; the bin rental company takes care of all of that. With a dumpster rental, you get to take one last look at materials or things you want to keep before it goes to the landfill. This gives you the freedom to enjoy your home renovation project.

3. Save Money

Once you get an estimate from the bin rental company, you can set your budget. By having an outlined estimate for the job, you can add other materials and services into your budget. The best thing about renting a dumpster bin is that you only have to pay one fee during your project. Therefore, in the long run, renting a dumpster bin saves you money on your project.

4. Efficiency

Along with saving money, a dumpster bin rental ensures that your project gets done in an efficient manner. With professional workers assisting you, each task gets done efficiently and you can have a smooth transition from one job to another.

5. Dumpster Bins Come in Various Sizes

No job is too small or too big when you rent a dumpster bin because they come in different sizes. By giving the project details to the contractor, your estimate will recommend the correct bin size to accommodate your project. If you predict that you might need a bigger dumpster bin, then the contractor will work with your budget to see that you get the correct size.

6. Environmentally-Friendly

When you rent a dumpster bin, you automatically help the environment. By disposing of waste materials in their proper site, you avoid doing more harm to the environment. When your contractor picks up and disposes your waste in a single time, it decreases the CO2 emissions from the dump vehicle. Moreover, by placing all the garbage, debris, and materials in the dumpster bin rental, you prevent them from seeping into the groundwater on your property.

7. Keep Your Neighbours Happy

A few weeks before the scheduled home renovation, give your neighbours a heads up about the upcoming project, so they’ll be prepared for the mess and extra activity. Notifying your neighbours is an important part of preparing for your project because the last thing you want to do is disturb them, and they might also complain to the city about the debris and noise coming from your property.

8. Save Time

One goal for your home renovation project is get it done as quickly as possible. By renting a dumpster bin, you save a lot of time because several workers will come to your house and remove waste materials quickly. The convenience of having a dumpster bin rental is getting your project completed in a timely manner.

9. Cleaner Job Site

By renting a dumpster, this ensures your driveway, front yard, and overall property stay clean and free from hazards. By keeping your work site as clean as possible, it allows you and your workers to work more efficiently as things are dumped in their proper place.

10. Safe Work Site for Everyone

A dumpster bin rental reduces the risk of accidents, harmful spills, and injuries. It gives you peace of mind that you have a rental dumpster for all debris, garbage, and materials to be disposed of properly. Also, when you hire a professional bin rental company, you have the assurance that your contractor will follow the laws and regulations when they dispose of your materials.

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