10 Dumpster Bin Rental Mistakes to Avoid

Our team at Gorilla Bins takes pride in assessing your definitive needs. We aim to help you define and understand the process of disposal bin rental, so your experience will be a complete success. When selecting a company to dispose of your unwanted stuff or junk, we believe it’s imperative to trust in who you hire. The process of dumpster rentals couldn’t be more straightforward than with us. Nonetheless, we realize that there are some key points our customers necessitate to avoid common mistakes. At Gorilla Bins, we go wild for the opportunity to save you time, cost, and aggravation. We reveal this by sharing ten common mistakes frequently made when renting a dumpster bin.

Believing Every Dumpster Company is Created Equal

First and foremost, your experience will ultimately depend on the company you select for hire. Although it probably seems they are typically the same, this mindset could potentially be your first mistake. It’s critical to take time to research various dumpster rental businesses before making a decision. Become informed about their reputation with former customers, policies, billing practices, as well as exclusive perks that set them apart from the others. In the end, the choice should best connect with your definite needs.

Believing That Dumpster Size Doesn’t Matter

A customer will frequently accept that the size of their rental dumpster bin legitimately doesn’t matter. Regardless of its dimensions, they believe that any size bin will do. In an attempt to save on cost, there is a tendency to rent a smaller dumpster, only to run out of space quickly. This issue is both troubling and time-consuming, which ultimately hinders the progress of your project. On the other hand, renting too large of a dumpster signifies unused space and money lost. Our team will happily discuss your demands and assist you in making a perfect choice.

Believing Permits Are Not Necessary for Residential Use

Customers often neglect to have the correct permits when renting a dumpster bin. Projects which transpire on public property allow for more flexibility; however, in other instances, local building codes dictate where a dumpster can remain on a street or driveway. Failure to receive the applicable permit could result in a ticket or fine.

Believing That Dumpster Placement is Straightforward

Deciding where to place your dumpster is a critical element. We advise that you be mindful of trees or other immovable objects blocking the delivery truck’s path and to allow your vehicle ample capacity in and out of your driveway. Placing your bin close enough to limit travel between your project and the dumpster bin is beneficial, especially during extended plans. A dumpster bin too close to the end of the driveway may threaten your view of pedestrians and other vehicles, thus, jeopardizing safety. This decision involves some deliberate speculation and objective expertise.

Believing Property Damage is Not an Issue

It is essential to assess the capacity for damage to your property, especially if you opt to place your dumpster on a driveway. There are possible effects due to the weight of the contents in your dumpster. Placing wooden sleepers or plywood underneath your dumpster bin will effectively protect your driveway against devastation. Laying sheets of plywood across your lawn where you may be walking to reach your dumpster is also a choice idea, as you ensure a designated path.

Believing Weight Distribution is Irrelevant

Even weight distribution in the dumpster bin requires discretion. It is vital to remember that your dumpster bin will be hauled away on a truck, and uneven distribution makes it dangerous while in transit.
Prudently, bulky items should be loaded first, as they are typically heavier and should be spread out to accomplish this goal.

Believing That Hazardous Matter Belongs in a Dumpster

It’s a dangerous misconception that hazardous materials belong in a dumpster bin. Items deemed potentially harmful compromise both your safety as well as that of others. For example, toxic substances such as paint, asbestos, and oil should be taken for specialized disposal by skilled professionals. Additionally, dumping hazardous matter in your dumpster poses a risk for environmental contamination. There are laws and regulations set in place, so taking the time to identify dangerous issues ahead of time is vital. Our team can skillfully help you analyze your items.

Believing That Weight and Volume Are the Same

Customers often do not recognize the difference between the volume and the weight of the debris they have accumulated. The bin could be full and be either underweight or overweight. You must consider the content you are putting in your dumpster. For instance, the drywall may take up more space than concrete but weigh less. While volume is essential, the weight will influence the bottom line.

Believing a Dumpster is Never Too Full

From our experience, we are cognizant that customers sometimes judge that the maximum capacity for dumpsters is arbitrary. Despite the principle fill line, there is a natural temptation to overfill, as it appears there is still ample room for your debris. The seemingly extra space allocates placing a lid over the bin; it is unsafe for a dumpster bin to travel uncovered. Overfilling your dumpster will also lead back to weight capacity issues. Explicit guidelines are enforced to ensure your dumpster is loaded safely onto the truck.

Believing Your Dumpster Bin Disposal is Non-Recyclable

According to CRC Research, Canadians generate approximately 31 million tonnes of garbage a year (and only recycle about 30% of that material). That said, it’s plausible to believe that what goes into your dumpster will inevitably be delivered to a landfill. We suggest taking a few extra steps to determine a company’s recycling practices and ethics. Although they are bound by regulations that will always take precedence, having the facts will undoubtedly make a difference. Our fully Canadian owned and operated business values a commitment to recycling 100% of the junk we receive.

We go bananas for our customers! At Gorilla Bins, we pride our success on the professionalism and trust that we have perpetually afforded our clients through our insight and expertise. In turn, we educate our clients about the dynamics of their dumpster bin rental experience. Essentially, this facilitates their decisions about dumpster bin rentals with only their best interests in mind.

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